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This is based on a real response to a real client, so may have a slightly odd tone compared to my usual long-winded excursions. I wish I could give you straightforward answers. The way Google Ad Network works is, you set a budget, you set bid amounts for different keywords and ad combinations, and then […]

Video: Top 3 Ways To Speed Up WordPress Want to make your own cool video like the one above? Colorado Web Design can help you build your own video to make your site more interesting. Request a free quote today! Why Is WordPress So Slow Compared to HTML? Now it’s time to talk about WordPress […]

C&D is one of Denver’s premier sheet metal fabricators. Their customers rely on their quality and speed of project delivery. Using Computer Aided Design to ensure accuracy through cutting machines, punches, presses, lasers, and manual fabrication, C&D can deliver any sheet metal project, large or small. But competition is steep in Denver, and C&D didn’t […]

Valimenta is a successful liposomal supplement manufacturer based in Fort Collins, Colorado. As a product manufacturer with some interest in retail sales, Valimenta needed a dual-purpose website that could highlight their manufacturing prowess for other supplement makers interested in the liposomal process, as well as sell individual bottles to consumers. But they also wanted to […]

Creative Counseling Services was in the rare position of being a well-established business with more than 15 full-time counselors assisting with drug and DUI rehabilitation counseling. Because of the nature of this type of counseling, the legal system is able to provide many counseling service providers with a regular stream of new patients. CCS hadn’t […]

We had a client recently report a bug on her website. She was trying to update a customer’s user record in the WordPress admin area, and when she saved the record, her changes weren’t getting written to the database. Yikes! Could this be correct? Our WordPress developers in Fort Collins took a look at her back-end custom […]

If only you could have a few more weeks – you are zeroing in on a perfect website launch – but there just isn’t enough time. A few more tweaks, a few more refinements, and then, THEN you can launch. No. Stop it. This will almost never lead to the Utopian website launch you envision, […]

Does it seem like WordPress is everywhere you look on the web? It practically is. More than one-quarter of all websites now use it. In just 16 years, this Content Management System, or CMS, has conquered the blogosphere. Make that the webosphere! Our Fort Collins web design team is heavily invested in WordPress with custom […]

There are so many things to consider in web design; so many technical issues to nail down, so many marketing and content challenges to suss out, it’s no surprise that communication with a new client can be confusing and frustrating for all parties. The stress referred to in the title is the kind which can […]

As a casual Google search will tell you, the web is rife with breathless advice about why we should avoid posting the same content to multiple social networking sites. Even the fair-minded of these articles, outlining the pros and cons to doing so, seem to gloss over or entirely miss critical points in this topic. […]