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Email Marketing Strategy

We help you build mailing list segments to better target during your campaigns. Well-executed email marketing is still the most effective call to action. 

But your email campaigns need to be relevant and targeted. There should be very little reason to blast out a "special deal" email to every person in your list. With some careful planning, you can get stellar response rates from a high percentage of people on your list. But irrelevant offers from companies are borderline spam. 

We all know this intuitively. How much patience do you have for a trusted brand emailing you product deals not to your liking? Slim to none. So we make sure you are targeting smaller segments with highly relevant offers. Take this step with us and watch your list response rate jump!

But some clients come to us with no segmentation. Depending on the dataset, and what other data you have available about your customers, it is often possible for us to segment mailing lists after the fact. Every situation is different, but we can often reverse engineer powerful segmentation of existing email lists.

Email Strategy Starts With Funnels

Your website and social strategy work together to entice visitors to sign up for your mailing list.

Segmented Email Campaigns

We build targeted, relevant email campaigns to subsets of your email list, rather than large email blasts to everyone. But this starts with quality list building.

Email Marketing Templates

We customize tested templates, designed for optimal conversion. We can brand these designs, of course, but we stick to researched layouts for better response.

Campaign Status Reports

Your email campaign must be carefully measured for success. What is the response rate? More importantly, what is the conversion rate from the email itself?

As an extension of your business communicating with customers, we take email marketing very seriously for our clients.


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Collaborate with us on targeted email campaigns and watch your list and your conversion rates grow dramatically. Let us show you how!

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