Mobile Web Design & Marketing

More than 50% of all web traffic is now coming from mobile browsers. It is too important to ignore.

What do we mean when we say mobile web design? Simply this: desktop web designs have to be shrunk down on a small screen, and they often load files much larger than needed, such as the images used. Tiny web pages are unusable. And slow web pages are unbearable. Google knows all this. But what happens if your web pages were built for larger screens? What happens is, you call Colorado Web Design to weigh your options! There are a lot of bad mobile designs out there, where it technically works on a phone, but the experience isn't great. We go a step beyond to make sure the mobile experience is simple and intuitive for your mobile visitors.

Mobile Application Design

Beyond web design for mobile devices, we can develop custom iOS and Android apps for tablets and phones. We will often talk our clients into staying "all web" and working in just a single platform, but there are times when an application needs access to mobile hardware that a website cannot achieve. For example, maybe you need to photograph and store the scene from a job site. Maybe you have data entry to do where there is no internet connection. In these cases, an iOS or Android app can bridge the gap until you can connect to your website resources once again. 


2021 Estimated Global Traffic From Mobile


Avg Mobile Engagement Increase With Our Designs


Avg Mobile Page Reduction We Achieve


Estimated New Phone Sales in 2021

Let us help define your mobile marketing strategy right from the start, as part of any web project. The sooner you future-proof your web presence with mobile-friendly design, the better.

Mobile Browsing

Like we said - it has to be fast. And it has to be readable and intuitive on a phone. Anything less is obviously lesser.

Targeting Mobile

Beyond accommodating mobile devices, modern strategies leverage mobile capabilities for device specific marketing. Ask us about location-based marketing.

SMS Marketing

SMS or text marketing works. Engagement can be through the roof for the right campaign. Let us help you craft your SMS marketing push.

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