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Fort Collins Video Production

Video Creation

Let’s face it: video is everywhere. We all love to consume video content online. It’s time your business had a video presence to match your other online elements. We can help with video production for your business. From traditional commercial video to video tutorials and motion graphic presentations like the one to the right.

Video Content Production

Makeup Services

What separates hobbyists from pros is an attention to detail. The best example of this is make-up. You are theoretically making video intended to last a while online. Don’t miss the opportunity to get small details right, like a polished look for your actors or even your co-workers. In the sea of video out there, make-up is a great differentiator.

Scene Blocking and Writing

Have an idea for a commercial or even a video blog post? You will be amazed how much time you can save while filming if you’ve properly written out and blocked the shots that make up your video idea. Our team of content writers has experience writing for web video. We can help you create a realistic plan to create your video production efficiently.

Video Hosting

Once you have compelling video content to share with the world, how will you host it? It’s easy enough embedding video from Youtube or Vimeo, but there are numerous options and considerations that can affect your customer experience with your video. We can help with video marketing channel experience and fast video hosting right from your website.

Professional Gear

We use Canon cameras and lenses including a 5D MkIII and Zeiss lenses for optimal image acquisition. We also have several options for image stabilization including the DJI Ronin 3-Axis Gimble for steadycam-style shots and Edelkrone Slider with Action and Target modules for great movement in product video. Finally, we use Arri and Kinoflo lighting.

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