Project Debrief: Selene River Press

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Selene River Press is at once a printing press, full retail book store, extensive blogging platform, and research library all wrapped into a single website.

By selling books and engaging with their customers on social media, the Selene River Press web presence was a very important aspect of their business. Stephanie Anderson and her team at SRP were constantly evolving that presence, and their overall strategy, and it was now time for a new website to reflect the great work they’d done building their online brand.

Assessing Things

Colorado Web Design started by evaluating the current website, its design elements, and some of the tech in use behind the scenes. Whatever happened, we had a huge amount of precious blog content and product content that could not be lost and needed to migrate to any new platform.

old-srpBeyond needing a face-lift for their site design, SRP wanted the new site to be much faster loading, work across PC, Laptop, Tablet, and Phone browsers, and make it easier to manage their ever-growing blog presence, which had become a difficult process using multiple tools on the site back-end.

Colorado Web Design assessed the particular needs of this client, identified the shortfalls of their current system, and concluded that a lightly customized WordPress install was more than up to the task of replacing their existing system.

The Mission:

The three primary purposes of the website were to:

1. Educate site visitors about the early pioneers and iconoclasts in the annals of nutrition science.

2. Engage with users nearly every day via robust blogging about our modern state of health and nutrition with tips, rants, recipes, and more.

3. Sell books congruent with the vision of whole food cooking and nutrition, as well as the healthy skepticism needed to navigate food labels, product claims, and even “official” recommendations from government agencies across the industry.

The Result:

Selene River Press Responsive Examples

Visitors can browse a rich history of blogging content including amazing recipes and articles that set the stage to continue teaching the controversy of nutrition health since the industrial revolution.

But they can also enjoy a world-class shopping experience with a state of the art e-Commerce engine that easily manages both physical print products, as well as digital download products that must be locked down and controlled as the valuable assets they are.

Finally, visitors, including medical practitioners that make up a large portion of Selene River Press’ client base, can peruse a beautifully maintained collection of articles and research papers dating back to the 1930’s, when the early nutrition pioneers started to see the cracks in the veneer of our industrial food production machine, and what it was doing to our collective health.

All of this is a tall order to bring to bear in an elegant way in a single solution, but Colorado Web Design delivered SRP a platform that lets them intuitively manage the various moving parts in the most efficient way possible.

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