Project Debrief: Valimenta

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Valimenta is a successful liposomal supplement manufacturer based in Fort Collins, Colorado. As a product manufacturer with some interest in retail sales, Valimenta needed a dual-purpose website that could highlight their manufacturing prowess for other supplement makers interested in the liposomal process, as well as sell individual bottles to consumers.

But they also wanted to get a better positioning for a number of keywords for their industry.

quality-control from Valimenta's website, built by Colorado Web DesignOur marketing specialists did a competitive analysis so the web designers would be armed with rich keyword data when building the site content. Across numerous segments we are moving the search rank needle for Valimenta based on content changes from this keyword research.

Colorado Web Design was able to re-envision Valimenta’s website with central hubs for manufacturers and consumers, so visitors can quickly get to the piece they are after. Marketing efforts further segment these audiences to control where on the site they land, creating less confusion and more conversion for each type of visitor.

It was also critica to Valimenta that their office staff be able to login and maintain the website without having to hire a 3rd party to make changes. Colorado Web Design built the site with WordPress, allowing the team at Valimenta to do their own maintenance efficiently and easily.

With detailed manufacturing information and quality control pages, supplement makers get a good feel for the sophistication and cleanliness of the company’s production process on the new website. Valimenta’s liposomal tech is second to none, and their supplements are “lab grade” for incorporation into any other supplement products coming to market. Since going live, the site has seen a 22% increase in contact form usage with many manufacturers reaching out for more information on possibilities for production partnerships.

The eCommerce portion was more straightforward, as Valimenta had 8 products ready for market. Our design team in Fort Collins had originally created trade show brochures that included product highlight flyers. We took this concept to the new website design and deployed an eCommerce solution meant to show off the clean, scientific feel of Valimenta’s product offerings.

The products sell themselves for anyone interested in the science of liposomes, so the product pages really stand out with some clear product attributes, great product photos and a clean checkout experience.

The final results give Valimenta the best of both worlds, with feet firmly planted in manufacturing and distribution, but with a retail flare with a fully functional eCommerce shopping cart and checkout experience for curious visitors who want to try their liposomal vitamin formulas.

Valimenta website by Colorado Web Design


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