Project Debrief: Structure Group Realty

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Structure Group is a small realty agency owned by Mike Baucom and run out of Longmont, Colorado. Mike reached out to Colorado Web Design to design a new website that could better serve his clients in a variety of ways. With the competitive nature of Colorado Real Estate sales, Structure Group wanted a new website that would highlight what sets them apart in a thick field of realtors across Colorado.

Mike and his team regularly do extra marketing on properties they are carrying for clients. Their new website needed to be able to tap those activities, and indeed the site would need to be used as a part of their content marketing engine. Making these properties more visible through their website not only helped to sell the properties, but also to increase Structure Group’s presence in the web.

They also wanted a website where they could display hot properties, show listings they’ve sold successfully, and tie into their MLS (Multiple Listing Service) web service.

Our Fort Collins web design team was able to find a good synthesis between a modern WordPress deployment and an embedded frame to display Structure Group’s active listings, including search capabilities and more.

Finally, for lead generation, they wanted seamless calls to action anywhere and everywhere there were properties listed. In these moments, having an easy channel for customers to reach out and ask questions right from any listing can be the difference between a sale and a whiff. This simple upgrade to their site made it easier for potential buyers to directly contact Structure Group for more information about properties they were interested in.

Colorado Web Design built the site on-time and under budget. Our Fort Collins photographer traveled to Longmont for a short photo session with Mike and his team. Those photos are now available for Structure Group to use for any other commercial purpose.

Structure Group

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