Project Debrief: Intermountain Marketing Group

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Intermountain Marketing Group is transforming the way industrial suppliers are managed throughout the mountain west. They needed a clean, modern-looking site to accompany the rolling out of some exciting new lines and product introductions that they wanted to be more visible on the web.

Colorado Web Design evaluated competitor websites, industry websites, and the general online climate for sales representatives in light industrial. By working with IMG to understand their strategy and rich story behind their business, we were able to assemble a terrific online presence, which both extended their branding and served as a content repository tool for many of their customers. By providing this information to the viewers of their website, a network of trust and communication was built that led to the growth of their business and client-base.

We had our Fort Collins web design team break the IMG service offerings into consumable categories online, allowing each service to be separately marketed for various strategic deployments. This made the website easier to navigate, as well as more appealing to look at.

It’s also critical that IMG can access their own site back-end to do their own content changes. So, Colorado Web Design built them a WordPress-driven website with a simple, intuitive page builder. With WYSIWYG page design, IMG’s office staff are now able to update and augment the story they are telling their site visitors. This ensures the site will remain fresh for years to come, as well as empowering IMG with their own editing abilities, so they don’t have to pay a web designer every time they wish to make a change to their website.

Bill lives and plays in Fort Collins, Colorado. After a fulfilling career for a Fortune 50 company, Bill founded Colorado Web Design in 2012 with a passion for creative digital solutions for business. Bill likes to manage a wide variety of projects and tasks for his clients in the digital space. The creative elements of website design, application design, and marketing are enough to keep anyone busy and engaged, but wiping the slate clean over and over at the start of new projects comes with its own challenges. "I like to start with really good client communication sessions. The rest is easy if you get started in the right way." He plays tennis, bikes, and hikes and then undoes all of that with too much delicious food and TV watching.

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