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WordPress Web Hosting

Think of our web hosting like one of the big hosts, but with a local human who can intervene and address any question or concern you may have with your website. We host and maintain the site for you, so you can focus on your business fundamentals.


Colorado Web Design:

  • Hosts blazingly-fast websites on environmentally-controlled server hardware
  • Monitors malicious traffic from hackers and bots now attacking web servers
  • Blocks malware and viruses before they can do anything on our web server or your website
  • Performs daily website backups so we are always 24 hours or less from a verifiable image of your site.

Colorado Web Design’s Bullet-Proof Hosting Service

Antivirus & Traffic Monitoring

Lots of ne’er-do-wells are trying to attack web servers and websites through a variety of techniques. Then, less reputable companies will report false positive virus detection to sell their wares. Colorado Web Design uses secure servers with round-the-clock monitoring to get ahead of any potential threat.

Daily Website Backups

Our clients take backups and disaster recovery very seriously. That’s why we take snapshots of every website we host, every day. This ensures we are prepared for the worst-case scenario, all without you having to lift a finger. No $10/month plan from cheap web hosts gives you this piece of mind and preparedness.

WordPress Security Updates

WordPress is regularly updated to fix any identified vulnerabilities or other issues. This is great, but it doesn’t benefit most website owners, because many developers will let their client’s site go months or years without regular WordPress maintenance. This is a sure path to disaster, so we patch all the time!

Extremely Fast Web Hosting

We’re guessing you’ve abandoned a website you were trying to get to because it was too slow. We all do it. We hate waiting! Our dedicated web servers are designed to host WordPress sites in the fastest, most efficient way possible, stripping out unneeded code, and using other technologies so your WordPress website is always blazing-fast!


WordPress Hosting Doesn’t Have To Be Slow

WordPress' Built-In Performance Problems

As powerful as the platform is, WordPress has a lot of overhead. If you compare a pure HTML5 page with even the purest WordPress page, you will notice how big a difference the performance can be. And yet, we all want the editability and ease of use of WordPress. Colorado Web Design has built some proprietary solutions to get our client WordPress sites running faster than ever.

WordPress Cache and Database Performance

Our WordPress websites essentially mimic hard-coded HTML sites in terms of load and page size. The result of our custom work on the WordPress default installation creates an impressive hybrid that is incredibly fast and responsive, but still truly WordPress under the hood. Let us give your existing WordPress hosting our performance grader and let's get to work!

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