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WordPress Dominance

Just How Dominant Is WordPress Anyway?

Does it seem like WordPress is everywhere you look on the web? It practically is. More than one-quarter of all websites now use…
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Client communication in web design is essential

Always Avoid These 3 Stress-Inducing Communication Blunders

There are so many things to consider in web design; so many technical issues to nail down, so many marketing and content challenges…
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Social Media Fire

Avoid Cross-Posting to Facebook and Twitter? Nonsense.

As a casual Google search will tell you, the web is rife with breathless advice about why we should avoid posting the same…
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Marketing Strategy and Awareness

What Should Marketers be on Top of This Year?

The world of marketing is a very fast-paced, quick-changing environment and from one year to the next, a great many things can be…
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